Jul. 19th, 2017

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"I'm home!" Minchae called into the hallway of Saeyoung's their apartment. She was a little later than normal, having picked up groceries to make dinner on her way home from work. She nudged the heavy door open with her hip, plastic grocery bags hanging from her wrists.

Not that she expected a prompt response. Saeyoung was typically occupied with work when she arrived, drowning out his surroundings with the headphones he always had around his neck. Kicking off her shoes, she glides down the hallway with minimal disruption, craning her neck as she entered the living room in search of a trace of Saeyoung. "...Saeyoung? You hungry?"

The kitchen wasn't far from the living room, and up until Minchae had moved in with Saeyoung, it'd more or less been collecting dust. Now, it was clearly her domain, her utensils and ingredients nestled in the corners, taking up as little counterspace as she could manage. She starts to unpack the bags, placing the vegetables in the fridge and pulling out a cutting board. "You hungry?" She calls out, only 40% expecting an answer. Once the food was fired, she'd go hunt him down if he didin't find her, first.


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