Feb. 25th, 2013

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The crunch of leaves and sticks beneath his boots is echoed by Lina's steps just behind, the two forming a cadence that never quite matches up. Unbalanced to match the strange seed of anxiety Zelgadis has about this whole thing.

It's not that he's in any position to turn down the help, but this is -- unusual. After he, Gourry and Amelia help Lina defeat whatever horrible Monster has it in for her this time, Zelgadis goes off alone. To look for his cure, of course. He never asked any of the others to go with him, and they'd never offered. That was how it went.

Now, the speeding set of footfalls behind him are systematically ending years of routine with each twig-snap. (And why does she sound impatient even when she's just walking?)

The difference is obvious, of course. This time he's setting out knowing that there's nothing to find, if Rezo was to be believed. Zelgadis' quest should be over, but -- no. Too many years and miles have been invested to give up that easily, and Zelgadis is far too stubborn to just accept this, no matter what Rezo said. He couldn't possibly know that there wasn't some dusty scroll in a long-forgotten cavern somewhere... even if he was probably the most knowledgeable source on Chimera short of perhaps the Clair Bible and had no reason to lie...

As his thoughts turn darker, he ignores Lina and just presses forward. But he doesn't, for one instant, forget she's there. Nor does he expect the respite of silence to continue for long.

((OOC: I was going for post Evo-R but if you want another canon point I can adjust! I will try to remember to prose but forgive me if I forget here and there ^^;;))


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