Feb. 21st, 2013

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Although winter has nearly past, spring nights still had a faint hint of bitterness that had yet to be blown out with the increasing warmth. When the sun was out, Chizuru could open the doors and let the rooms air out a bit...save for Okita's.

The room had grown stuffy though, and if Chizuru had begun to notice it, she could only begin to imagine how maddening it must be for Okita, bedridden, who always searched for opportunities to break out of his quarantine and wander around the hallways.

But he was asleep now...really, the only time she could ever let her guard down. Even when fatigued with injury, he found ways to keep her on her toes. She lightly stepped around his bed, taking great care not to make any noise while she tried to tidy things up.

A floorboard creaked beneath her, freezing her in place. Her eyes slowly made their way to where Okita remained, still as the dead. She stared for a moment upon the realization that she couldn't remember a time where she'd seen him so at rest...

It was alarming.

Slowly dropping to her knees, she slid over to his bedside, leaning forward on both her palms and bringing an ear inches above his face. Was he breathing?


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