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Ryoji is one of those people that have what he would classify as 'brilliant' ideas. These were the kinds of ideas that most would silence immediately once they listened to common sense.

The problem was that Ryoji didn't listen to common sense.

This resulted in what was meant to be a simple study session being forcibly turned into a sleepover party by Ryoji within the course of minutes, simply because he had never been to one and doesn't it sound like fun and pleeeeeeeease can we?

Eventually someone (it was probably Minako) gave in to his puppy dog eyes, and now here he was, overnight bag in hand (where did he even get that bag? Was he anticipating this change of plans?), looking eagerly at the SEES members.

Well? Someone's got to keep him preoccupied.


Date: 2013-07-25 06:58 am (UTC)
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Silence is consent? Right? And now you understand the inner workings of Minako's mind. What it really boiled down to was the fact that Minako didn't really have any objections to Ryoji's suggestion. If she had given any hesitation, it was entirely for the sake of propriety and to offer the opportunity to have anyone else weigh in with their opinions.

It's not like the dorm wasn't co-ed already, right? What was another person, especially Ryoji?

Besides, it was not news to anyone that Ryoji and Minako's minds were very often in sync with each other, so the odds that they were devising similar plans to keep the evening 'entertaining' were, conservatively speaking, highly probable.

Date: 2013-07-25 07:45 am (UTC)
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Akihiko watched from the couch behind them, dressed down more casually for this event. He had slept in rooms with multiple people before, back at the orphanage, so this concept wasn't new to him. He just had no idea what to expect, in terms of activities.

How he had gotten roped into it? Minako, of course. While he didn't have any personal objections to the idea, he also didn't consider being one of the participants. But when Minako fixed her ruby red eyes on him and accompanied that with a pout, he couldn't refuse her.

There was also the small fact of having someone outside of SEES staying overnight at their dorm. Considering the Dark Hour and everything else, Mitsuru had thought it would be prudent for one of the seniors to be present, in order to supervise. So guess who would be responsible for looking after the juniors' well-being tonight?

No stepping out of line, guys. Akihiko had his fists, and he knew how to use them.


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