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When Abbie Carmichael first came into Anatole, she figured she'd take it in stride until she inevitably found a way home. People came in and out of this place all the time, so she figured it was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, that time stretched much further than she'd originally anticipated, and she had to find ways to keep her from going crazy.

Her most successful attempt was to bring some balance to the patrol that kept the streets safe. But what good was law without a little order? Before she'd arrived, Anatole had managed as a Police State, but history had proven time and again that Police States rarely lasted long before something went corrupt.

Over time, it turned into more than just a way to pass the time. It became her purpose here. She was always a workaholic - such habits got her a spot as Manhattan's District Attorney's office, as an assistant to ADA Jack McCoy.

All of that wouldn't have prepared her for this. She'd always worked under someone, even here. But now that person was one of the many to have been sent home, and now she's left with the mess they left behind. Somehow she was going to have to find a way to keep the patrol happy...and under control. But whose?

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Javert had been in Anatole for some time and had quickly established a reputation. He had set to work trying to make the small police force they had into something to be respected and feared. He couldn't handle working with the chaotic mess that was left behind and quickly made sure it was organized and established a set of guidelines. People already knew that he wasn't something to be messed with and if they didn't they learned fast not to do it again.

While this wasn't France, it was something to do. He knew what he was doing and was quite good at it. However, when he was given word that someone wished to see him, Javert was a bit skeptical. They had wanted to speak with whoever was in control of the police force and wanted a partnership with them.

Javert wasn't one for partners. He found them an annoyance and often held him back. Nor, did most understand how he thought and frowned upon his methods. It used to be they would try to force a partner on him, but they learned fast not to do it again. Often the partner resulted in quitting or requesting someone else.

As much as he was reluctant to do so, he sent a letter back, saying he would agree to meet with them. At the most it was just to hear them out. It was also important to establish some contacts so he had to play nice on occasion.

He was rather curious to see what they had to say and if this could actually help out the small police force or not. Words never meant a whole lot to him; it was more about the action.

He heard too many people talking about changes and making suggestions…but none of them would ever follow through with it. Part of him believed that this person would be just the same.


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