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Chizuru could hear the voices of children from beyond the closed screen doors. Winter had started to melt away to spring, and Okita was usually one of the first to step onto the freshly dried soil after the snow had evaporated under the sun.

She could hear him taunting the children outside, his laughter cutting through the clamoring of children vying for his attention. It all brought a smile to her face, but not for the reason you would think.

While he was distracted with his playmates, she could sneak into him room and get a bit of cleaning done. He wasn't a slob by any stretch of the imagination, but his things could use a bit of airing out, and the dust collecting in the room probably didn't do that coughing of his any favors.

She couldn't dilly-dally though. Her luck had a way of quickly running out when it came to all matters concerning the 1st Division Shinsengumi Captain. She had to resist the urge to snoop a bit - it wasn't her place, and typically her sense of propriety won out over her insatiable curiosity.

She'd keep an eye out for Hijikata's collection of haiku, however...but she didn't waste any time in starting to wipe down all the surfaces of Okita's room. She'd save the bed linens for last, since they probably needed to be laundered with all the time he'd been spending in bed. Making a quick, yet thorough sweep across counter-tops and the ridges of doorways, Chizuru descended to her hands and knees to start on the floor. Bumping into his bed, his scent was knocked into the air, meeting her nostrils somewhere along the way. Stopping short of a clean swipe across the floor, Chizuru glanced up at Okita's futon, shifting closer to it and timidly gathering up his blankets in her arms. She stopped a moment and buried her face into the folds, slowly inhaling.

Although cold, the traces of his presence maintained a sense of warmth.

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It felt nice to be outside. During the colder parts of winter it was nearly impossible to steal some time outside, even if the icy air had burned his lungs and made his cough a little worse. The freedom of the action calmed him, helped him feel a little less like he was slowly going mad.

It was easy to get Kondou to cave and let him move outside when the weather turned warm, and for that Souji would be grateful forever (on top of everything else he was grateful for from the man). But having been confined mostly indoors for the winter except on afternoon patrols, the warmth was quickly making him feel sleepy. He wanted to stretch out in the sun and nap the afternoon away.

He sent the kids on their way and popped a few of the konpeitō he'd snagged off of them into his mouth, sucking slowly to make it last as he made his way back. It helped calm his lungs and keep from coughing, though it was only a nice side-effect that he used as a good excuse to get more of them.

As he slowly slid his door open, he paused in the threshold at the sight of Chizuru. He could, of course, call out. Make some kind of snarky comment and tease her, but there was something endearing about realizing Chizuru was cleaning his room. Something...domestic that made his heart throb. So he positioned himself to lean against the side of the doorway and block Chizuru in, one hand on his hip, and the corner of his mouth curved in a smirk.
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