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Just as soon as Chizuru's bare back had adjusted to the cold winter air blowing in from outside, Yamazaki's cold fingers delicately dragged down the dip valley of her spine with a feathery-light pressure. She squirmed beneath him, gasping in order to hide her reflexive laughter. She knew this was meant to be a serious practice, but she'd never undergone acupuncture before. Although she'd agreed to it merely out of curiosity (isn't that always her motivation for the most ludicrous of things?), she had grown nervous in anticipation of the needles, which had her senses on edge.

She remained flat against the futon laid out on her bedroom floor, doors open to the hallways if only for propriety's sake. She quickly stilled herself, if only to avoid Yamazaki's curt scolding. Dare she peer over her shoulder? Steal a glance of the needles he was preparing?

Being bare-chested limited her range of movement, conveniently enough, so she remained pressed down onto the floor, eyes closed until Yamazaki's fingers lifted from her skin. She could feel the bumps of gooseflesh begin to rise where his fingers once were, but she shivered them away, burying her face in her arms.

She couldn't lose her nerve already. She'd agreed to helping him. These sorts of things required practice...and who better to help than someone who could heal if a mistake was made?
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