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Chizuru always tried to find the silver lining in things. It was one of her tricks to surviving tragedy, which seemed to be plaguing her at every turn, ever since her father disappeared. Maybe retreating to Edo was the best choice in the long run. It was her hometown, after all...and who knows? Maybe her father would return home at some point between...whatever it was he was doing.

Without the streets of Kyoto, she could no longer see the phantoms of those who had fallen. They hadn't followed them to their new base, a fact which both saddened Chizuru and left her grateful. There were new squads here to be led, and there was little place for her mourning here.

Instead, she chose to focus on those who were living--or, perhaps it was better to refer to them as those who were still walking.

Speaking of silver linings...

Chizuru never quite forgave herself for not stopping Sannan from taking the ochimizu when he had. It seems that once the General Commander partook of her father's dubious elixir, it opened the floodgates for the other captains to follow his example. Heisuke...then Okita...

But his spirits seemed to have lifted. Or was he playing her the fool? Heisuke was alive, which was better than the alternative, and Okita was still bed-ridden. They never breathed a word of regretting their decision, but Sannan seemed to avoid the subject entirely, instead speaking of the future of the product, rather than his past.

It was as though his injury had never happened. She tried not to take it personally...but she'd come to enjoy serving him in whatever capacity she could, be it special meals to suit his handicap, tending to the ghost pains that came after his arm had healed...

She hadn't noticed that she'd started gravitating his direction whenever he entered her line of sight. She'd managed to find a way to be of use to everyone, save for him. It struck her as odd--and as a busy-body, somewhat unacceptable. She wasn't neglectful, so he had to be keeping her at an arm's length. Well, that was going to end, starting todaynight!
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