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It was already sundown by the time they'd reached Osaka. They had gone by sea, a less likely means of travel for someone associated with the Shinsengumi, but when their aim was to sever apparent ties, it was the the most efficient, both in solidifying a new identity and in avoiding conflict en route.

When they'd disembarked, Chizuru had to grab Saitou's sleeve to keep her footing. Like a newborn foal, she had to learn to walk on solid ground again, but she couldn't imagine she'd make much progress when the surface kept swerving.

She was ready to apologize for violating his personal space, but stopped when she realized it probably did their alibi all the better. It didn't stop the blush from creeping up her neck, though. Dressed in a modestly-priced kimono (all they could afford, really), Chizuru felt self-conscious about her current appearance. She'd spent the last several weeks like this, but now they were in a very public place, and they were expected to mix in with the bustling crowds of this lively port town.

She had recited their monikers in her head for hours, using it as an exercise to drift off to sleep when they'd retired on the boat. She'd shared the same closed-in quarters for at least a month, calling him by a name he answered to all too easily. With new identities came new histories...posing as husband and wife in a spy operation...she knew Saitou would excel at the mission as he always would, but...

...well, she couldn't help but recall how the last undercover assignment she had went...

with matching icons even

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Instinctually, he tensed his arm at the contact, cutting an anxious glance down to Chizuru--no, Tokio--and reaching out to her side to steady her with the same arm she gripped, watching the blush crawl over her skin in tandem to his own with the realization of their proximity. Acting uncertain would do them little good if they intended to perpetuate the appearance of a young couple, but that didn’t make it any less difficult to look at her directly when they were so close.

Normally, when she dressed in a man’s clothes and kept her head bowed before the Shinsengumi captains, Saitou could ignore how sweetly she smelled, put the fact of her gender out of his mind and treat her like any of his other subordinates.

But like this? Well. The look suited her as much now as it had on New Years, and noting that in a seconds-too-long look only made his blush burn deeper. Flashing a weak smile, he turned his gaze to the crowds ahead of them abruptly, curling his elbow and lifting his opposite hand to lightly squeeze hers on his arm with nervous affection, “Please hold onto me if you feel overwhelmed. The crowd can be disorienting, especially if you are unaccustomed. We will need to see about our cargo with the first mate.”

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His smile twisted softly at her near-slip, simultaneously amused and disquieted with the recovery. Saitou’s thoughts fortunately didn’t dwell on it too long, his attention immediately cast out to his physical surroundings as he dropped his hand from hers and began to proceed forward. He was careful as he moved, steps adjusted for Chizuru’s smaller gait, seemingly leisurely at the surface--but surface alone.

Every step brought another visual sweep of their surroundings, another glance at the woman at his side, then to the empty space at his hip. It was such a naked sensation to be without his uniform, and without his katana on his right side, he felt immeasurably vulnerable, left without his weapon and in part, his purpose.

But then he would look at Chizuru again, and though she wasn’t mountain striped, her presence blanketed the rawness of his nerves, reminding him that he hadn’t ceased to be Shinsengumi in his heart.

He spoke briefly with the first mate, pointing out the nondescript satchels and sash-wrapped cargo they needed. Saitou was apprehensive to trust the man would have their luggage delivered to the inn where they were staying, but with his need to protect Chizuru, he settled for what he could carry and accepted his concealed blades under one arm, a slight frown pulling at his otherwise stoic lips.

“Is there anywhere you wish to see tonight?” he asked, almost distractedly, as he led her off the ship and to solid ground, “There should be many attractions here...”

Oh, word choice.


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