Snow Day!

Dec. 28th, 2012 02:55 pm
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It was the silence that woke Tamaki, more than anything. And she regretted it the instant she realized that the middle of her futon was the only place that was warm. She hadn't opened her eyes yet, but she remained still and listened. It was a rare time that she would wake before her alarm - but it was Sunday, and there was no school today. Even so, Mitsuru was usually awake to prepare breakfast. 

Now began the age-old debate of 'to get up or not'? It was so warm in here, and if there was no miso soup or tea yet brewed, it would take longer than normal to warm up once out of bed...

"Ni--!" O-chan didn't give Tamaki the opportunity to make her own decision as the fox's cold, wet nose pressed against her neck in an affectionate gesture.

"WwwaAAAAAH!" Shooting up from her reclined position, Tamaki's blankets pooled into her lap, subjecting to the cold air that fell heavy in her room. She shivered and retrieved the fallen blankets, tugging them around her shoulders. "It's so early, O-chan."
 She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, rising to her feet with a cloak of blankets trailing around her. 

She headed towards the window, drawn in by the beam of light that warmly pierced through the unlit chill of her bedroom. "Though I guess if it's light out, others should be waking up soon, huh?"
 She peered out the window for signs of movement, but saw something else entirely. It elicited a startled gasp. She brought a hand up to cover her mouth, her blankets falling off her shoulders and onto the floor.

 (taken from the
Snow Day meme on [community profile] bakerstreet )

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